The Plant Runner - Cacti Potting Mix 7L
The Plant Runner - Cacti Potting Mix 7L
The Plant Runner - Cacti Potting Mix 7L

The Plant Runner - Cacti Potting Mix 7L

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Two of the most common ways people kill cacti is through overwatering and planting them in the wrong potting media.  Firstly,  

Cacti and succulents are traditionally found in arid sandy places (you’ve got a mental image of a desert for a reason) and the cacti’s shallow roots are used to loose, well draining soils. The stuff you find at the local garden warehouse isn’t usually the best,
often made with cheap ingredients that clump around the rootsand lead to root rot. So - we’ve spent some time designing the ultimate soil mix for succulents and cacti so they can stay alive and thrive.

Our cacti mix has been created especially for these sun lovers, and is a mix that enhances drainage, increases evaporation and replicates the conditions that these prickly guys love.  Unlike other mixes, this specialty potting mix will allow any excess moisture to drain off after your prickly friends have soaked up what they need. Cacti are the masters of rapid water-absorption - they’ll take in what they need and store excess in their thick stem walls, so we’ve made sure our mix drains off quickly.  This helps minimise fungal disease and root rot. We’ve included a natural slow release fertiliser to help
them settle in faster too.

(Literature sourced from The Plant Runner)


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