Our homes are where we spend much of our time so why not make them beautiful!  You'll be surprised what a touch of greenery can do for your space.  Indoor plants can definitely help to make your environment more inviting and appealing and have some hidden health benefits too (such as purifiying air & removing toxins).  

I can help in finding the right plant for your space.  Most plants will be happy in bright, indirect light but others can cope in lower light situations.  Its getting this part right and understanding how to water (which is usually letting the top inch or so of soil dry out between waterings) and you'll be on the path to success with your plants.

At JoJo's we are continuously plant shopping to bring you the healthiest and freshest stock available.  We have all different sizes of plants and pots so you'll be sure to find a unique match that is perfect for you.  

We also have lots of plant care products that will help you keep your plants in optimal condition.

We also have an extensive range of pots to house your plants, - decorative, practical, indoor and outdoor - we have them all.  Always on the lookout for new, exciting things that I can bring to you instore so the range is growing each day.

Another part of our business is JoJo's Microgreens.  Its where our business started - growing and selling live microgreens (which are basically the seedlings of their vegetable counter parts).  All varieties are grown densly on the top of soil to give a crop of healthy edible greens that you can add to all your dishes including salads, sandwiches, wraps, smoothies and just about anything else.  Microgreens do not need to be cooked and can just be eaten raw, so they are an easy addition to most foods.

We sold our greens at local farmers markets for many years.  Now we just concentrate on growing and selling them from our location in Cheltenham.  We sell to restaurants, cafes and the general public so please come and see us if you wish to try.

Microgreens not only add a big burst of flavour they also have admirable health qualities.

We have other things in the pipeline such as our training room!  We are slowely but surely getting Room 3 of our shop ready to start hosting some workshops such as Pot painting classes, terrarium making, doing your own microgreens to name a few.  Stay tuned on this ... !

Come see us and see what we have to offer.  We are always happy to see you and help you find the perfect pot/plant combo, the perfect gift or provide you with the freshest microgreens!

Check store hours for opening times!

Jo xo