Did you know that Radish Micros are more nutritionally charged than Broccoli Micros !

Locally and Organically grown Fresh MICROGREENS

Freshly grown Live & harvested Microgreens, including Sunflower, Snow Pea, Broccoli, Sorrel, Lemon Balm, Radish & many more.

Grown Locally & Organiclly

We produce only the freshest Microgreens organically grown and processed in Highett

Grown in our Indoor Farm#2 "The Sunflower", and harvested in a Health department certified commercial kitchen

Bulk & Custom orders

Bulk Sunflower, Pea Varieties or Micro Salad Mixes.
(we also do exotics & custom orders)

100gm > 1kg bags, 100mm Pots, MED-LGE Live Punnets & Caterers Trays, now available for fresh local delivery.


Cafe, Restaurant or Fruiterer?
Contact us for a free sample of our freshest Microgreens, delivered fresh to your door.

Specific Micro Salad Mixes and Custom Exotics grown to order.

Please email or call to discuss your specific requirements.


News & Upcoming Markets

Veg Out Farmers Market


Veg Out - St Kilda Farmers market

1st Saturday of every Month

Beaumaris Farmers Market


Beaumaris Farmers Market

2nd Saturday of every Month

Gasworks Farmers Market

Gasworks Farmers Market

3rd Saturday of every month

Gasworks Farmers Market

3rd Saturday of every month

Bentleigh Farmers Market


Bentleigh Farmers Market

4th Saturday of the Month

Boorondara Farmers Market


Boorondara Farmers Market

5th Saturday of any month

"The Sunflower"


Make an appointment to pick your own fresh product
@ JoJo's Indoor Farm No# 2
"The Sunflower"
280A Highett Road
(by appointment only)

Come visit us !

We love engaging with our customers.
Please visit us at our next 

Farmers Market and try some

fresh samples

JoJo's Greens

280a Highett Road, Highett Victoria 3190, Australia

Jo - 0421 311 525 / Geoff - 0407 577 290

Indoor Farm
By appointment only

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