Wholesale Mixed Box Microgreens

Wholesale Mixed Box Microgreens

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Wholesale Mixed Box Microgreens

Available specifically for Restaurants, Clubs, Chef's, Wholesale Resellers etc., on an ongoing basis.

To gain access to Wholesale Pricing, please contact Geoff directly on 0407577290

For Special Orders or Specific Varieties in Large Quantities, contact Geoff directly on 0407577290  e.g.. 12 x Lemon Balm.

Large quantities can be grown to order for delivery on a specific future date, however Grow Times will apply.

Free Delivery - Minimum order 1 x Box (12 pots)
Free Delivery - Bayside/Kingston areas Only.
Deliveries will be early mornings
Main Delivery day Fridays
Specify in Comments which days suit you.
Orders placed prior to 4pm can be delivered the following day.

Orders placed after 4pm for next day delivery, or Same Day or Weekend delivery requests, attract a $15 surcharge.

If you wish to select your varieties, please choose from the list below, enter them into the 'Add a Comment to your Order' field on the Order page, and I will do my best to include. 

1 x Mixed Box of MIXED live/fresh Microgreens.
(Regular Customers will receive popular varieties as a priority - E.g. Lemon Balm, Amaranth, Sorrel, Nasturtium)

Varieties may include: (grow times)
- Red Veined Sorrel (5 weeks)
- Red Garnet Amaranth (4 weeks)
- Lemon Balm (5 weeks)
- Genovese Basil (5 weeks)
- Radish - Purple, Pink or Green (2 weeks)
- Coriander (4 weeks)
- Mustard - Dijon, Tatsoi or Red Antler (2 weeks)
- Cabbage - Red (2 weeks)
- Kale - Pink Stemmed (2 weeks)
- Garlic Chives (4 weeks)
- Snow Pea Tendrils (2 weeks)
- Nasturtium (4 weeks)
- Red Chard (3 weeks)
- Beetroot (3 weeks)
- Celery (4 weeks)
- Chervil (3 weeks)
- Carrot (4 weeks)
- Wasabi Cress (2 weeks)
- Mache (5 weeks)
- Wheatgrass - (2 weeks)

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