Callista Pot Olive

Callista Pot Olive

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Angus and Celeste

There is nothing like a garden of gorgeous flowers, and the Callista planter is here to bring this garden sentiment into any home.

The playful, raised relief pattern captures botanical details in elegant textures. The unique floral pattern takes inspiration from Zinnia flowers in full bloom, Dogwood berries with their interesting globed shapes, and speckled Lily with its pollen-filled stamens. Included is a decorative drip tray, which sits perfectly underneath the pot.

Decorated with a lively meandering line it adds to the fun of this joyful planter. What’s included? • High-fired, matt pigmented porcelain pot with raised relief texture and drainage hole • Matching drip tray • Clear gloss glaze inside with matt clay exterior 

Dimensions: 14.50 x 14.50 x 14.50 cm (H x W x L)

Material: Pigmented Porcelain

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