Tension Plant Pole - Black
Tension Plant Pole - Black
Tension Plant Pole - Black
Tension Plant Pole - Black
Tension Plant Pole - Black
Tension Plant Pole - Black

Tension Plant Pole - Black

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Introducing our latest product - Tension Plant Poles!.

Create your own stunning urban oasis with our elegant, custom-designed tension plant hanging pole.

Perfect for any room size or shape, and can hold up to 6-8 small to medium plants.

Fully adjustable, portable and easy to assemble- no need for tools or messy holes in ceilings.

You'll notice an improvement in air quality and your peace of mind- not to mention the extra space. Plus your plant babes will feel extra comfy in their own suspended beds!

PLEASE NOTE: Poles  are intended for indoor use only or undercover out of weather/moisture.


Our plant poles arrive in a fully gift-able box and feature;

The assembled pole extends up to 2.79m.

4x hooks each 29cm long, each hook holds up to 4kg per hook.

1x pole adjustable that extends from 107.6cm - 165.3cm pole diameter is 3.2cm at the base and 2.9cm at the top end 

1x pole - 108cm in length, 3.5cm diameter at the base end and 3cm diameter at the top end.

1x short stopper - 7.4cm diameter at the base, 3.4cm diameter at the neck and 4cm high, has a silicone non-slip base. 

1x longer stopper - 7.4cm diameter at the base,  3cm diameter at the neck and 14.2cm high, has a silicone non-slip base.

The pole has 33 adjustable positions. 

An additional 58cm extension pole can be purchased which will extend the tension pole up to 3.4m. 


Our poles are fully adjustable up to 2.79m and can be used with just one (adjustable) pole for a bench/table.

Poles are made from Carbon Steel and are coated in a high temperature electrostatic finish.

Our hooks are made from A3 Steel and are coated in a plastic spray and dipping plastic finish on the ends. Please note that due to our manufacturing process our white hooks have a small ring around the hook end that attaches to the pole, this is not a fault.

Also available in a black colour option.

Extension Pole

Adding height in your space can sometimes be a little tricky, particularly if you have extra high ceilings. We've solved this problem by adding an extension that can be simply added onto to our standard pole length. Our extension pole measures 54cm in length which allows the tension pole to extend up to 3.25m.

We recommend assembling the extension pole in between the two longer poles with the adjustable pole nearest the ceiling. 

Choose from a white or black option to add to your tension pole.


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