Munash Organics Rock Dust 3kg
Munash Organics Rock Dust 3kg

Munash Organics Rock Dust 3kg

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Munash Organics Rockdust Mineral Soil Food 3kg

Munash Organics Rockdust is a unique formula which was developed on their organic family farm in Central Victoria. After growing food and farming on the rich volcanic mineral soil they knew the answer laid right beneath our feet. They spent over a decade formulating our blend which can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Put the good stuff in for an awesome return! Munash Rockdust enriches natural earth minerals into your garden soil. A unique blend of specially sourced Australian basalt and granite particles, combined with a natural plant stimulator. This stimulates your soil’s natural micro-biology, leading to healthier, stronger plants that, in turn, contain more beneficial nutrients.

It restores balance in your soil, creating a perfect harmony for your plants.  It’s like us eating the perfect balanced nutritious diet full of all the good stuff.  If we nourish our bodies, we feel better, our immune systems are stronger and we shine. 

Rockdust is a perfectly balanced diet for soil. Feed the soil, and then the plants will thrive.

Directions – add one handful per sqm over the top of your existing garden beds.  Sprinkle a bit in the hole prior to planting to give your plants and extra hit of nourishment.

Fun fact – the only way we get minerals in our bodies is if they are present in the soil where we grow food. So feed your soil with Rockdust when planting your food crops and you will be healthier and happier too.

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