JoJo's Junior's - GROW@HOME Kit

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- Sunflower
- Snow Pea
- Wheatgrass

Let the kids have some fun with these Grow @ Home Kits especially aimed for children! 

The kits contain 3 assorted sets of funny face stickers for your child to create a funny face on each of the 3 pots..

A chance to express their creativeness and then do some gardening with 3 easy to plant varieties - Sunflowers, Snow Pea and Wheatgrass! 

Kids can watch their seeds grow and not have to wait too long as in less than 2 weeks plants will be fully gown and ready to eat. 

The faces pictured are just examples, you never know what colours you'll get inside!

A great gift idea for the creative little gardener.

With the help of a grown-up, these kits are suitable for kids 2+

Each Kit contains:
3 x Biodegradable/Compostable Kraft Pots
3 x Coco Coir Grow Discs
3 x JoJo's Juniors Funny Face activity packs
3 x Wooden Name Tags
3 x Packets of Seed (above varieties)
1 x Double Sided Instructions