Fiddle Leaf Fig 200mm

Fiddle Leaf Fig 200mm

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a very popular indoor plant with its large glossy fiddle shape leaves and tall growing nature.

This stunning plant likes to be placed in bright, indirect sunlight and will even tolerate a few hours here and there of mild direct sun.

The plant will not thrive in low-light locations.  If unsure where to put your plant the best spot may be an area that gets the most amount of natural light without burning/scorching the foliage.

The plant appreciates a warm, humid environment and a fair amount of water.  It’s soil should be kept moist but definitely not wet.  To be on the safe side let the plants dry out slightly between watering.  Less watering required during Winter months.

Feed your plant with indoor plant food during Spring and Summer (according to directions).


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